Wednesday, February 22, 2006

My Olympic moment...

Since my return to the blogosphere I've done a terrible job of posting and keeping up on things, despite the fact that I have a lot to say. I just can't find the time to just sit down and concentrate and really put my thoughts into words.'s olympic time. Not that anyone cares. Ratings are down (while the X-Games ratings are up. Hmmm.) and I just haven't gotten into them. Well, with one exception.


The sport we all make fun of has become my latest obsession. I love it. And I still don't understand all of it. There are some crazy rules I still haven't caught on to, but I sure am addicted. Makes me want to move to Canada. Or Bemidji, Minnesota. Might just have to subscribe to the CBC so I can get it year round.

If you're not familiar with curling, it's kind of like a combination of shuffleboard, bocci ball, and housecleaning, played on ice with chess-like strategies. A real thinking sport. And the beauty of it is, anyone can play. Even I could play. You don't have to be buff, ripped, rail-thin, tall, short, or anything. You could even be a gray-haired, slightly overweight, non-athletic man approaching his 44th birthday. And I think I might still have four years of college eligibility left.

I feel like a new man!

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Michael Krahn said...

I'm not exactly sure how it works either... but I do know that the Canadian guy "scored 5 in the last end" and smoked the American guy 11-5 this afternoon, so I'm happy.

Really, there isn't that much curling on the CBC, plus you'd have to endure a lot of cheesy shows and left-leaning news programs... but then there's "This Hour Has 22 Minutes"

Come to Canada Ken!