Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Video Fun: Band Aid

This is the one that started it all...the whole "let's play music and raise money for good causes" thing. Interesting song. Way too many close-ups of a blow-dryed George Michael. Lots of footage of rock stars who have since had run-ins with the law. And hair. Lots of hair. But it still gives us all something to think about at the holidays.

You can read more about the video and all the participants over at Wikipedia.

"Do They Know It's Christmas?" by Band Aid


Anonymous said...

Nice! I used to love this as a kid. It's not everyday you experience Sting, Bono, Simon LeBon, and Phil Collins on drums in the same song. Very cool!

dfink817 said...

For benefit concerts, you could go back even further, to the Concert for Bangladesh. Props to George Harrison and Ravi Shankar.

Ken said...

Technically they go back as far as at LEAST WWII. But yes, I see your point. Good call!