Friday, March 06, 2009

Weekend Music Game

Well, due to the fact that I'm really busy, I didn't put a lot of thought into this edition of the Weekend Music Game. So really quick...down and dirty old school version. Music player on random/shuffle and list the first 10 songs you skipping! See what surprises you come up with.

Here's my list:

1. Brandtson - As You Wish - one of their older songs. Still enjoy this stuff.
2. Woven Hand - The Good Hand - I think this is from the first Woven Hand album (post 16 Horsepower), and I really love this song.
3. Bob Dylan - Jokerman - nice song from Infidels.
4. Glorybox - Sonic Ocean
5. Mute Math - Control - can't wait to hear more from these guys
6. The Juliana Theory - Love - has a bit of a Joe Jackson feel to it...
7. Brown Feather Sparrow - Sleep Well Child - nice and quiet beautiful song.
8. The Bird and the Bee - Because
9. Always Sunday - Great - another great project involving Trent Dabbs. Love his music and his voice.
10. Elvis Costello - Clubland - seriously catchy tune.

Ok...your turn!


thepuma said...

seefeel – imperial
brian jonestown massacre – records
brian jonestown massacre – (you better love me) before I am gone
spacemen 3 – let me down gently
the smoke – I wanna make it with you
my bloody valentine – glider
the black angels – you on the run
july – to be free
highspire – until the lights go down
lilys - snowblinder

The Best Jeremy said...

01. Movies With Heroes - "The Wave"
Every time I listen to this song now, I wish I would have picked a different mastering EQ for it. Oh well.

02. The Sounds - "Tony The Beat"
I love the record that this song belongs to, but this is one of the weakest tracks. I hate the lyrics.

03. American Football - "Never Meant"
This song is the reason I like this album. It's actually the only song I listen to on it anymore. The other songs bore me now. I still love this song, though.

04. U2 - "With A Shout"
Nothing like a little old school U2 to start the morning off right. Love Adam's fro on the album cover.

05. Nada Surf - "What Is Your Secret?"
There are a few bands that I have liked since their first release, and have continually followed and bought their records to date. Nada Surf is one of those bands. They started off kind of dark, and got poppier and lighter over the years. They continually refine their songcraft slowly without having huge "Radiohead" phases for albums. A good solid band.

06. Against Me! - "Thrash Unreal"
I forgot about this band! They were my favorite band of last year (but not the best rock band of the decade, like Muse). This album is filled with solid, hard rocking, poppy anthems.

07. Nada Surf - "Beautiful Beat"
Newest of Nada Surf's albums. This particular song is a great example of that light-feeling poppiness I was speaking of earlier. Pretty song. Nada Surf writes such positive music these days.

08. Blink 182 - "Anthem, Pt. 2"
haha I forgot that I recently put Blink 182 back on my iPod. What a fun pop-punk band. Say what yo will about them, but they pretty much nailed that formula. I think I will have a Blink 182 listening party after this.

09. Flight Of The Conchords - "The Prince Of Parties"
hahaha what a nice uplifting song for this morning. This is such a funny album. Can't wait until the second season is release on DVD so I can watch it.

10. Blink 182 - "Go"
Okay, this confirms it. Time to listen to Blink 182 on shuffle.

Jeff said...

1. "Sing to Me" - Run Kid Run: idea what this song is or who the band is. Hrm.
2. "Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone)" - Cinderella: ...Heh.
3. "Praise Song" - Third Day: Love Mullins' opening & closing hammered dulcimer; excellent song in the middle, too.
4. "Rule the World With Love" - Barenaked Ladies: Okay song. Kinda disappointed that this album (Barenaked Ladies Are Me) didn't grab me as much as I hoped.
5. "Lonestar" - Norah Jones: Mellowness is apparently the iPod's order of the day, here...
6. "Jesus, I Lift My Eyes" - Jars of Clay: Okay...nice and all, but can I have some drums, please, iPod?
7. "Enough" - Hosanna Christian Fellowship: Track from my church's live worship CD. I'm sensing a theme.
8. "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)" - The Beatles: Version from the Anthology CDs. Okay, we're picking up a little bit, here...
9. "The Way The Wind Blows" - Rush: Another track I'm not incredibly familiar with (though not to the extent of the first one). Still, lots of religious imagery in the lyrics, here.
10. "Only the Good Die Young" - Billy Joel: Hrm... and the iPod offers a rebuttal for the praise songs, eh? It's getting snarky in its old age.

Next ten, just for curiosity's sake:
11. "Novocaine for the Soul" - Eels
12. "Modern Guilt" - Beck
13. "Don't You (Forget About Me" - Simple Minds
14. "Tennessee" - Arrested Development
15. "Four Sticks" - Led Zeppelin
16. "Rainbow Tour" - Evita
17. "The Ballad of John & Yoko" - The Beatles
18. "Chelsea" - Counting Crows
19. "A Message" - Coldplay
20. "Revolution" - R.E.M.

Chet said...

A lot of my older stuff showed up this morning. With over 18,000 songs on my Classic, you never know what you're gonna get, which is the point, after all!

1. Ray Charles: "Late in the Evening." Classic Ray/What else can I say?
2. Satintones: "Motor City." From The Complete Motown Singles volumes.
3. Jimi Hendrix: "Remember" From Jimi's first album.
4. Garnet Rogers: "Next Turn of the Wheel." Great Canadian folk from Stan Roger's little brother.
5. Paul McCandless: "Spanish Stair." Great chamber jazz from my very own brother-in-law.
6. David Bowie: "Ricochet" from Let's Dance. Yes, let's.
7. Chet Atkins: "Standing Room Only." Early guitar wizardry from the Nashville legend.
8. She & Him: "You Really Got a Hold On Me." Fun retro stuff from M. & Zoey.
9. De La Soul: "Me, Myself & I." Oh yes, I do have hiphop.
10. The Doors: "Touch Me." Dammit, I love the Doors.

Wendy Edsall-Kerwin said...

1. "Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun" - Beastie Boys
2. "Sympathique" - Pink Martini
3. "Cat" - Sugarcubes
4. "I Know" - Blur
5. "Tangerine" - Led Zepp
6. "Johnny Ryall" - Beasties again
7. "Wooden Jesus" - Temple of the Dog
8. "Eulogy" - Tool
9. "Shellshck" - New Order
10. "Shakespeare's Sister" - The Smiths
Yes, I know, I need to upload more music. It's getting old to me too!

Jeff said...

1. Tell the Universe, Bruce Cockburn. I heard Cockburn play this live with just his acoustic guitar in the National Cathedral the other year, including the line, "you've been projecting your shit at the world."

2. American Love Affair, Tonio K. From one of the most underrated, overlooked and underappreciated artists and songwriters ever.

3. Closer, The Call. Almost as overlooked and underappreciated as Tonio K.

4. All Right, Amy Grant (live). I make exceptions for Amy Grant's Lead Me On album -- among my top five favorite Christian albums. This live version is an extra from the remastered version.

5. Nobody Number One, Over the Rhine. Gotta love the line, "You can’t put no bandaid on this cancer/ Like a twenty-dollar bill
For a topless dancer."

6. The Wrong George, Chagall Guevara. One of the funniest songs ever put on tape.

7. Pride (In the Name of Love), U2 (live). What more can you say about a classic, nay, iconic song such as this?

8. Nude Descending a Staircase, Bruce Cockburn. Instrumental, jazzy. Atypical of Cockburn's acoustic guitar instrumentals.

9. Sweetness Follows, REM.

10. Is that All, U2. Appropriate song title to end the list.

Andi said...

It's like a list for you. . .
Pierce Pettis - Satellite Sky

Nickel Creek - Green and Gray

Rodrigo y Gabriela - Diablo Rojo

Hiram Ring - Voices

Eric Hutchinson - It Hasn't Been Long Enough

Spade Cooley - Forgive Me One More Time

Amos Lee - Southern Girl

Slim Fit - Fight Till You Die

Lyle Lovett - Flyin' Shoes

Lucy Kaplansky - Cowboy Singer

All random - all great! Thanks.

By the way, your word verification is "fricat" - awesome!

Brian Polensky said...

1. What Do You Need? - Goo Goo Dolls
2. Outro - Breaking Benjamin
3. I'm Alive and On Fire - Danko Jones
4. Last Kiss - Pearl Jam
5. Straight Jacket Fashion - Chevelle
6. Fat Top - Goo Goo Dolls
7. Nevermind Me - Mighty Mighty Bosstones
8. Heaven Wore A Shirt - Live
9. Homecoming / Death of St Jimmy - Green Day
10. Super High - Danko Jones

There ya go... Time to catch a bus!

Mandy Fleisher said...

1. The Moody Blues - Your Wildest Dreams
Wow... I don't think I knew this was on my ipod

2. Original Cast, Rent - Seasons of Love
Wow... I forgot about this too

3. Coldplay - Fix you
Not bad

4. Oasis - Hey Now
Good tune

5. Bob Dylan - Song to Woody
I love this one

6. Phish - Wading in the Velvet Sea
This song reminds me of being 19 years old, standing outside in the rain watching Phish play

7. Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun

8. Handel/London Symphony Orchestra - Hallelujah Chorus
Classic of a different sort

9. Simon and Garfunkel - Mrs. Robinson
Did you know the original title to this was Mrs. Roosevelt? Now you do...

10. Wilco - I'm a Wheel
Not bad