Friday, March 20, 2009

Welcoming Spring: The Weekend Music Game

First off, I apologize for not updating the blog lately, but things have been very busy and will hopefully settle down over the next two weeks.

But...I can't neglect the weekend music game for too long! I didn't have time to really come up with a theme, so we'll stick to the basics. Music player on random/shuffle, and list the first ten songs you come up with. Perhaps comment on them. And, as always, no skipping! And see if anything comes up that reminds you of Spring, because today IS the first day of Spring.

Here's my list for the weekend:

1. John Vanderslice - Parade - this is from a live Daytrotter Session. I love this song. Just really got into Vanderslice within the past year after seeing him at the Chameleon. VERY small audience, but a great intimate show.

2. Lovedrug - Happy Apple Poison - another band I saw for the first time at the Chameleon a few years ago. Quirky voice, but I like it.

3. Copeland - May I Have This Dance - whoa...I'm sensing a theme. Saw these guys at the Chameleon for the first time...and I think it was on the same bill as Lovedrug! Really pretty vocals and music.

4. T-Bone Burnett - Stunned - OK, I've never seen T-Bone live...let alone at the Chameleon. But I've been a fan of his music since about 1980. Great producer, but I love his solo discs.

5. The Lassie Foundation - We Are Kings - nice Southern Cali indie-pop band featuring the talents of Wayne Everett and Eric Campuzano, among others. Now this is the kind of music that would be fun to listen to in the car on a warm Spring day.

6. U2 - I Will Follow - this is the live version from Under A Blood Red Sky. 'Nuff said.

7. Always Sunday - Let You Down - One of my favorite songs from this band that is no longer together, featuring one of my favorite singers, Trent Dabbs. I've loved all of his projects and his solo stuff is great.

8. The Gloria Record - Grace the Snow is Here - Well...I guess this is NOT the kind of thing you want to hear on the first day of Spring. I'm not interested in any more snow, thank you.

9. The Violet Burning - More - I'm partial to earlier Violet Burning stuff, but this is still good stuff from the album Drop Dead. Love Michael Pritzl's voice.

10. Led Zeppelin - Dazed and Confused - Going REALLY old school here. Gotta love me some Zep.

And ten more quick ones for the road:

11. Future of Forestry - All I Want
12. Michael Knott - Deaf and Dumb
13. Mute Math - Picture
14. Mark Heard - She Don't Have a Clue
15. Fly Eagles Fly - Philadelphia Eagle's fight song - hmm. Wish I had a Phillies song!
16. Serene - Autumn
17. U2 - Shadows and Tall Trees
18. Robert Deeble - Blue
19. Van Morrison - Steppin' Out Queen
20. Yes - Starship Trooper

OK, now it's your turn. Add a comment with your ten songs for the weekend. And have a happy first day of Spring. And don't forget, that means it's Free Rita's Day!


Lydia said...

1. Into Brooklyn, Early Morning - The Innocence Mission - from Lancaster!

2. I Can't Get You Off My Mind - Jody Williams - some good Blues my parents brought back from the Poconos Fest

3. Man of Conviction - Get Up Kids - Don't have much to say about this song, but like this album

4. Jailbirds in the Bighouse - John Gorka - love John Gorka and have seen him live several times since meeting him while volunteering at Godfrey Daniels during college

5. Far From Home - Angelo Melasecca - another one from Lancaster, and he's playing Saturday night at DipCo. Check him out!

6. Naive - Lily Allen - great song a friend gave me on a mix cd

7. Laundrytown - Mike Doughty - saw him at the Chameleon last year...great show!

8. I Turn My Camera On - Spoon - looking forward to seeing them at the Chameleon in April!

9. The Moon - Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova - saw them at the Tower last May. They played an awesome extra long set, partly along with Interference Ireland, for the last night of their tour!

10. Let Go - Frou Frou - from the Garden State soundtrack...always reminds me of Spring of my senior year of college because my roommate played it all the time in our house. Good song.

Andi said...

1. "If Not For You" - Bob Dylan

2. "50 Faces Of" - Lali Puna

3. "Run" - Reilly

4. "Secret Curse" - Dismemberment Plan

5. "Understanding Women" - Elton John

6. "Cruel" - Tori Amos

7. "What Sarah Said" - Death Cab

8. "Superpowers" - Dismemberment Plan

9. "I Don't Love Anyone" - Belle & Sebastian

10. "Jesus, Etc." - Wilco

I'm not sure exactly what that says about me, my weekend, or women in general, but there you go.

shanelle said...

1. Where I Stood - Missy Higgins

2. The Coffin Maker's Son - The Slant

3. Bend and Break - Keane

4. Turn on Me - The Shins

5. Clear the Area - Imogen Heap

6. I Trust You to Kill Me - Rocco DeLuca

7. Boom - Flight of the Conchords

8. Everything is Going to be Fine - Jared Campbell

9. Hooligans for Life - Rival Schools

10. Homesick - Kings of Convenience

Mandy Fleisher said...

1. D'yer Mak'er - Led Zeppelin
A band that always reminds me of spring/summer. Best to listen while sitting out in the sun

2. Jamming - Bob Marley
Another song that reminds me of warm weather

3. At the Zoo - Simon and Garfunkel
This song reminds me of the zoo at Central Park. And when do you go to the zoo?? Spring of course!

4. Chelsea Morning - Joni Mitchell
I'm sensing some kind of classic rock/spring in new york theme developing...

5. Across the Universe - The Beatles

6. Two of Us - Aimee Mann and Michael Perrin
From the I am Sam soundtrack but also a Beatles tune.

7. Parklife - Blur

8. I Want You - Bob Dylan

9. Time to Move On - Tom Petty

10. July, July! - the Decemberists
More summer than spring, but it works

Max from NBD said...

1) Let's Go To Bed • The Cure • Staring At The Sea: The Singles 1979-1985

2) Grand Theft Autumn • Fall Out Boy

3) Shimmer • Trance II (Disc 1)

4) Rock You Like A Hurricane • Def Leppard

5) Stripped (Heavy Mental Mix by Charlie Clouser) • Rammstein

6) American Woman • The Guess Who • American Woman

7) It's A Woman's World • Original Broadway Cast • The Full Monty

8) Hey Pachuco • Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

9) Empire • Queensryche • Empire

10) I've Been Every Where Man • Johnny Cash

The Best Jeremy said...

01. Sunny Day Real Estate - "48"
The first time I heard this song was in the Summer, which follows Spring. First SDRE song I ever heard. Fell in love with the band almost instantly.

02. The National - "Fake Empire"
Can't think of anything in particular that this song might have in common with the Spring, but it is a good song nonetheless, as Spring is good.

03. She & Him - "Swing Low Sweet Chariot"
Every time I hear any rendition of this song, I think of Princess Vespa in the movie Spaceballs singing this in her cell and sounding like a male bass voice.

04. U2 - "Twilight"
Well, I guess we are just past the twilight of winter, so there you have it.

05. Elliott Smith - "Junk Bond Trader"
Elliott Smith is good in any season, but his music always makes me feel good and gives me hope, like Spring.

06. Coldplay - "What If"
This song has nothing to do with Spring, and if anything, has a very wintry feel to it.

07. Blink 182 - "Reckless Abandon"
I think I was listening to this Blink 182 in the Spring when it first came out. I could be wrong. I was single then, but hanging out with Jamie. The relationship was coming soon...

08. Neko Case - "People Got A Lotta Nerve"
Haha this doesn't make me think of Spring, but it sure makes me think about the evil whore driving behind me on the way to work this morning and trying to kill me with her car.

09. Movies With Heroes - "Nothing"
I left Movies With Heroes about a month before this time of year in 1997, so there's a connection.

10. The Promise Ring - "Is This Thing On"
This Promise Ring album reminds me of Spring, and I am not quite sure. So, there you have it.

Anonymous said...

1. "Shoplifters of the World Unite" the Smiths
2. "Unstoppable" Santogold (Santigold?)
3. "Say Hello 2 Heaven" Temple of the Dog
4. "On the Strip" Sonic Youth
5. "(-) Ions" Tool
6. "10,000 Years" Live
7. "Moment of Surrender" U2 (still not sure about this new album, some songs I really like, others, not so much)
8. "Orange Rolls, Angel Spit" Sonic Youth
9. "Birthday" Sugarcubes - this song has a Spring like feel to it
10. "Breathe" U2
11. Bonus Track - "There's No Other Way" Blur this album does remind me of Spring which is when I first got it

Andrew said...

1. Lying - Sam Phillips (Indescribable Wow and Cruel Inventions, plus The Turning by Leslie/Sam, were the highlights for me. Her newer albums haven't come close.)

2. Oh My Golly - Pixies (This is from Surfer Rosa, probably the Pixies album that I listen to the least. Trompe Le Monde, on the other hand...)

3. J.F.P. - Takagi Masakatsu (slow song from an free eMusic sampler - that about sums up my ability to describe electronic music)

4. Material Girl - Madonna (I can't even blame this for being on a free sampler, so I guess I have to 'fess up that it's part of my collection)

5. Offer - Bill Mallonee (This is from one of the many live Mallonee recordings I have - Jammin' Java in Vienna, VA.)

6. Baby, It's Cold Outside - Dean Martin (For the first day of Spring, the title is a little too true.)

7. Violin Concerto in E... - Itzhak Perlman/Daniel Barenboim

8. Razor Love - Mobius Band (Neil Young cover. This EP, Love Will Reign Supreme, is all covers. I especially like their reworking of The National's "Baby We'll Be Fine" but that might be because I'm a big National fan. It was released for free on Valentine's Day, 2008. I looks as if it's still available)

9. Hotel Ghost - John Doe (A lot of people liked "A Year in the Wilderness" but I never got into it.)

10. Feeling Good - My Brightest Diamond (From the "Dark was the Night" charity compilation. I bought this for a lot of the other bands, such as The National, Spoon, Bon Iver. I did not buy it for MBD. I just can't get into her melodratic, operatic singing. Seeing her live made it even worse.)

I can't believe that none of my kids' songs showed up. Usually I shy away from the shuffles because I end up having to list songs from the Cars soundtrack or Veggie Tales.