Saturday, February 07, 2009

Weekend Music Game - By Popular Demand

I was kind of busy yesterday so I never got around to doing the Weekend Music Game...but enough of you have questioned me about this, so I thought I would post one today. Better late than never! (and this is why it is now called the Weekend Music Game and not just the Friday Music Game)

Rules: music device, etc. set on random/shuffle/dj - First ten songs, no skipping. List them here and comment on them. Just a great way to get to know other people and maybe discover some new (or old) music!

Here we go!

1. U2 - City of Blinding Lights - no secret that this is my favorite band. Just a really solid song from a solid album. Can't wait for the new album in less than a month!

2. T-Bone Burnett - Hold On Tight - Haven't listened to enough T-Bone lately. Really wish he didn't wait so long between CDs...and I need to get his most recent release still. 

3. Chris Taylor - The River - really cool singer/songwriter from Texas. Interviewed him for an article a number of years ago. Used to be the lead singer of Love Coma (which also featured Matt Slocum of Sixpence). He has a nice sound.

4. Mute Math - Plan B - These guys are amazing musicians, and great live. I would love to get them around here some time. Really looking forward to their new CD. If you ever get a chance to check out their live DVD, do it!

5. Bob Dylan - I and I - I love this song from Infidels, an often overlooked Dylan album. This guy continues to put out great stuff.

6. Appleseed Cast - Moment #72 - Been following these guys from their earliest days on Deep Elm records. Still like what I hear. Just this morning I heard they had a new album coming out, so I'll be anxious to hear what it's like. They began in the old-school emo tradition. Curious what they sound like now.

7. 764-Hero - Photographic Evidence - This is a really solid song, probably my favorite from the album. I think this was from their last album. I'd love to hear more of their stuff.

8. The Smoking Pokes -Pretty Pathetic - this is the live version from the combo cd/dvd. The audience just sings along nicely. Check these guys out. Josh Caterer has a beautiful voice.

9. Play Radio Play - 1-2-3 Entertain - Pretty cool music, especially when you realize it is basically the product of one guy...a teenager, recorded in his home. Missed them when they came to the Chameleon last year.

10. The National - Lucky You - I like what I hear from this band, but need to try more of their stuff. I like the lead singer's voice.

10 more for the road:

11. Perkasie - Old Designs
12. 16 Horsepower - Poor Mouth
13. Soul Junk - Lifeless Things
14. U2 - I Fall Down
15. Soul Junk - Forever and Ever Amen Alright
16. Headlights - TV
17. Deepspace 5 - Ziontific
18. The Juliana Theory - P.S. We'll Call You...
19. Anathallo - To Gary and Marcus...
20. Vigilantes of Love - Losin' It it's your turn!


Brian said...

Sitting Still - R.E.M.: Like you, I get my favorite band on the first try even though this is a lukewarm live version. Not sure of the date, but it's way too slow for my liking

Cowgirls on Parade - Tullycraft: I am glad this gang came up so maybe people will check them out. Fun and poppy and non-sensical, you will find it hard to keep from dancing when you hear them. This is a good song, but they have better.

She's Crafty - Beastie Boys: Songs from this album always take me back to my freshman year of college when my RA made us all listen to Licensed to Ill over and over again. Good times. Not one of the stronger tracks in my opinion from the opinion, but still fun.

7 Chinese Brothers - R.E.M.: Live from France in 1984. Not a bad version. A fun song that always amazes me at how Peter Buck can take such a simple guitar line and turn it into something special.

Why Worry - All-American Rejects: Why worry? Because you might keep songs like this on your computer for too long.

Long-Haired Guys from England - Too Much Joy: From the live 1991 CD they sold on their web site. Their irreverence is contagious. I love Tim Quirk's ad libbing on the break about Midnight Oil to keep it contemporary.

No Need to be Lonely - Jason Levasseur: A very underrated singer/songwriter who has built a nice career playing the college circuit. Give him a try.

Minimum Wage - They Might Be Giants: Again, I should really clear out my music folder sometime. I have no idea how or where I acquired this instrumental.

Houston - R.E.M.: They can really synthesize one event into a few minutes as well as anyone. This is a live version, which I don't thing expresses the strength of the song, but it's OK.

Favorite Thing - Replacements: Not just a good, fun Mats song to close it out, but a live version from CBGB's. They actually don't screw up and Paul seems to sing all the right words. What's up with that?

Wendy Edsall-Kerwin said...

1. "You'll Find a Way" Santogold I just love her 80's reggae/new wave vibe. I have to do the 80s dance to this (since I can't skank)

2. "Girlfriend in a Coma" The Smiths
Morissey had a girlfriend?!

3. "Jimmy" Tool

4. "Armagideon Time" the Clash What can I say? Mick Jones just made a Santogold-like noise and I'm zoning out to the ska beat.

5. "The Last Remaining Light" Audioslave Chris has such a great voice

6. "Purr" Sonic Youth They are one of my fav bands and this song has such a great energy. BTW, I am *NOT* a hipster...I swear!

7. "Tesoro" Ojos de Brujo This is off the Putomayo Rumba Flamenco cd. I worked at Museum Company and we carried all the Putomayo stuff and I'd listen to it all the time.

8. "Live and Let Die" Guns n' Roses This is such a great song and GNR rocked this cover.

9. "Que Pena" Ziroq also off Rumba Flamenco

10. "Amarain" Amr Diab this is off Putomayo's Arabic Groove, but it's popular enough that I've heard it at Tulsi and at the Middle Eastern room at a World Bank xmas party. Fun to dance to.

11. Bonus "Operation Spirit" Live I used to go to all the all-ages shows at the Chameleon and though I didn't admit it at the time, Live is a great band and I have their first 5 albums.