Friday, May 29, 2009

Weekend Music Game: June!

Well, for some people, Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial start of summer...but for me there is something special about the start of June. It just feels more like summer, and June is just around the corner. So why not a June themed weekend music game? This one is a little trickier. Put your music player on shuffle/random and let it fly. Just keep hitting skip until you find a song that fits the criteria. Here's what we're looking for:

Song 1: J - First song or artist that starts with J
Song 2: U - First song title that includes the word "You" (or any variation, i.e. "your," etc)
Song 3: N - First song or artist that begins with N
Song 4: E - First song or artist that begins with E
Song 5: A song that comes up that REALLY reminds you of summer.

And of course we'd love some comments and explanations on these songs.

And be always are. Doesn't matter if it's the first or last name that begins with the letter. We're all about creative license here on the porch! Oh, and feel free to do them out of order, because this one takes a little time. Just put them in order when you post them.

So I'll go's what I came up with...

J - Jimmy Jazz by The Clash - from one of my all time favorite albums. Great way to start!

U - Thank You by Dido - I met Dido when she was doing a private show at my workplace when she was touring in support of this CD. I'm still hooked. This album stands up well.

N - Numbered Lithograph by John Vanderslice - Not an artist I consciously choose to listen to, but every time he comes up on my mp3 player I really enjoy it.

E - The Envy Corps performing Keys to Good Living - Great indie rock band that you all should check out. Love their sound. I think my friend Lori turned me on to them.

Summer Song - And It Stoned Me by Van Morrison. I was just commenting the other day that Van Morrison's greatest hits compilation is the perfect summer driving CD...great for a road trip.

Alright then...your turn! Have fun with this.


Daniel Klotz said...

"Jenny's Welcome To Charlie" by Martin Hayes & Denis Cahill - God bless the Paste music sampler"Fez: Being Born" by U2 - The Edge's guitar work stands out in classic form."Nothingman" by Pearl Jam - This album features the band at their darkest and most nihilistic. The transformation seen in No Code, following Kurt Cobain's suicide, remains to me one of the most jarring and life-affirming in popular music."Bullets" by Editors - I was so happy when I found this band a few years back."Semi-Charmed Life" by Third Eye Blind - An iconic song from the days when summers were summers for me--three glorious months of no school and little work.

Mandy Fleisher said...

J - Jackson by Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash. What are the odds that I came up with a triple-threat of J's? This is one of my favorite duets ever and a good start to my list!

U - Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours by Stevie Wonder. It took forever for my iTunes to come up with a variation of "you," but this was well worth the wait. This song always makes me smile and it has a prominent spot on my "driving with the windows down" summer mix.

N - Nobody's Crying by Patty Griffin. A friend first turned me on to Patty right after I graduated from college. This song reminds me of rainy days... like today, in fact.

E - The End Has No End by the Strokes. Another band that reminds me of summer and outdoor festivals.

Song of Summer - The W.A.N.D. by the Flaming Lips. Found it on the first try! Last year on Memorial Day weekend, the lips played Philly and my friends and I ended up backstage. One of the coolest musical experiences of my life. This song will forever remind me of Memorial Day weekend and the start of summer!

Great game for today Ken!

Jonathan said...

J - Jane's Addiction (Been Caught Steeling). It's nice to hear Perry's vocals once in a while.

U - Love You More by Alexi Murdoch. I was first turned on to him with the song Orange Sky which is absolutely wonderful.

N - Natalie Merchant (Carnival). Great song for rainy days.

E - Eat the Menu by the Sugarcubes. I love hearing some Sugarcubes to brighten my day.

Summer Song - Sublime (Garbage Grove) Sublime always reminds me of Summer with their free-spirited sound. Also remonds me of driving through California. Puts a big smile on my face.

Justin said...

J: Authority Song by Jimmy Eat World – There was a time where their music really resonated with me, but I don't know that they've aged all that well.
U: Your Ex-Lover is Dead by Stars – I could not love this song more. It's my favorite Stars song. The sentiment is so stark but the violin is so pretty. The way the music swells after he says, "in that instance it started to pour," in the first verse kills me every time.
N: Never Say I Told You So by The Almost – If you like this kind of music, Southern Weather was a great album. This track doesn't really do a ton for me.
E: Grounds For Divorce by Elbow – Wow is that song badass. It instantly makes you feel 27 percent cooler when it comes on. "Someday we'll be drinking with the seldom-seen kid."
Summer: Right Me Up by State Radio – This is kind of a throw-away song, but it's so perfect for summer. Nothing that Dispatch or State Radio ever wrote was revolutionary, but most of it was a hell of a lot of fun.

Shanelle said...

I decided to pick my favorite lines from the songs instead of commentary…

J - Closer :: Jars of Clay – “You are tears, I’m a cheek, I’m a pail on your boat with slow leaks, out to sea for weeks”

U - As You Cry :: The Hush Sound – “Nobody’s singing about you anymore”

N - Needle & Thread :: The Reign of Kindo – “Oh what a fool of me made with the simplest of lies, And my heart believed every last word”

E - Eager Eyes :: Beatbeat Whisper – “Just here to see, not here to see you”

Summer song – I’m pretty sure the only song I’m going to be able to deem as a summer song this year is going to be “I’m on a Boat” by Lonely Island. C’mon. “Like Kevin Garnett, anything is possible.”

Jeff said...

J - "Lover, You Should've Come Over" by Jeff Buckley. Really have no idea where I picked this up, since this is the only track from his album I have. Amazing voice.
U - "That Where I Am, There You..." by Rich Mullins. I was at a Geoff Moore and the Distance concert the night after Rich died. Geoff ended the concert early by telling all of us what had happened, and led the crowd in a singalong of the chorus of "Awesome God". Wasn't a dry eye in the house.
N - "Teotihuacan" - Noel Gallagher, from the X-Files movie soundtrack. Nifty instrumental. Actually my first exposure to Gallagher; didn't get into Oasis when they were big.
E - "Taking Over Me" - Evanescence. Still have hope that, despite the overwhelming "meh" of their second album, that they'll put out more decent material sooner or later.
Summer - "Something About You" - Level 42. Bouncy tune with sing-along falsetto lyrics? The 80s had a great run with that genre; time for the 21st century to pick it up. In the meantime: Summer all the way, baby. :)

hearsmusic said...

It's gonna take me longer to get through this because I can't just skip songs willy-nilly. The work shuffle has rules.

J: "The Next Messiah" by Jenny Lewis off the Acid Tongue album. Don't know much about this song but I like Jenny Lewis' solo stuff.

U: "Smile Like You Mean It" by The Killers off the Hot Fuss album. When this CD first came out we could not stop listening to it in the car, over and over. Their follow-ups haven't really approached the debut IMO.

N: "New World" by Devotchka off A Mad & Faithful Telling. My coworker turned me on to Devotchka a while ago and he/they are so unique and fun.

E: "Nothing & Nowhere" by Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton off Knives Don't Have Your Back. Emily Haines has a lovely, haunting voice and powerful lyrics.

Summer Song: "Massive Nights" by The Hold Steady off the Boys and Girls in America album. As soon as this one came on it had to be the summer selection. It's got a sing-along chorus, and reminisces about some crazy times.

Bryan Rutt said...

J- "Nag" by Joan Jett & the Blackhearts

Joan always makes me smile, and this is just good ol' kick-ass rawk 'n' roll!

U- "Scarlett Johansson, Why Don't You Love Me?" by Jai Alai Savant

A question I myself have asked...

N- "New Age" by D.O.A.

Throwing a little punk rock into the mix. Good stuff.

E- "Outside View" by Eater

...and a little more punk rock!

Summer Song- "My Beach" by The Surf Punks

"My beach
My chicks
My waves
Go home!

My sun
My sand
My surf
Go home!"

Melanie said...

J - Pete Palladino/Jeff Feltenberger/Ron Simasek "Appalachian Scream"
This is off of "50:45 live" with 3 members of the Badlees. I love the Badlees and I miss hearing Pete perform live. I can't even count how many times I've seen them. I'm told that they are in the middle of recording a final album, but will not be playing any shows.

U - Jealousy Curve "The Wold is You"
This is from "Life as an Addict" and is another local band. Okay, they're from Philly, but they play in Central PA a lot.

N - Nick Heyward "Kite"
This is off a mix a friend made for me. She has great taste in music and you'll never find us arguing about what to listen to in the car. Nick Heyward formed the band Haircut 100 in the 80s, but does solo stuff now.

E - The Clarks "Everything Has Changed"
Hey look, another area band! The Clarks are from Pittsburgh and this is off of "Someday Maybe." I think the last time they played Gullifty's it was a $15 cover!

Summer Song - The Cure "Picture of You"
This reminds me specifically of last summer...

Jeff McCloud said...

J -- Jens Lakeman, The Opposite of Hallelujah. It's from a Paste Magazine Sampler.

U -- U2, A Sort of Homecoming. This was too easy, but it's the best U example (not of a song, so I'm bending the rules a bit). It's not one of my go-to U2 songs, but I always crank it up when it's on.

N -- The Trouble With Normal, Bruce Cockburn. It's not my favorite Cockburn song because I don't think the keyboards do justice to the statement that he's making.

E -- Everybody Knows, Dixie Chicks. Addressing that controversy and the aftermath with a great melody and some cool harmonies.

Summer song: I have to go back to my high school years for a summer song, and I will admit my guilty musical pleasure: Pour Some Sugar on Me by Def Leppard. Just an awesome rockin' song that sounds great loud with the windows down.

Adam Chlan said...

J - Jam - Toad the Wet Sprocket - Saw these guys a few months ago at the AMC. Good show

U - Are You Ready for the Shutdown - Centro-matic - My favorite band ever. If you don't know, you betta axe somebody.

N - Concrete Bed - Nada Surf - This album has stayed in my listening mix for years now.

E - Little Black Egg - Evan Dando - From some live performance. I like the Cars version of this song better. I guess this was done originally by the nightcrawlers?

Summer - Girl - Beck - Well it does have the line "My summer girl" in it so how can you deny that? You can't.

Melissa said...

This is comment-free because I'm brain-dead tonight, and for the most part this is a weird list of songs for me.

J: Jane's Addiction - Up the Beach
U: Nirvana - Drain You
N: Nini Camps - I Thought I Knew You
E: Everlast - What It's Like

Summer: Feist - 1234

Wendy Edsall-Kerwin said...

J = Johnny Ryall - Beasties
U = To Bring You My Love - PJ Harvey
N = Not Too Soon - Throwing Muses
E = Everlasting Love - U2
Summer Song = Drift & Die - Puddle of Mudd

I have to admit that I cheated on "J", it came up a Tool song that just didn't say summer to me at all. And "E" was just ridiculous. That took forever. The rest f the songs all work for me though. I first decided I liked Puddle of Mudd on a road trip to Charleston where we only had a radio. No tape player, no cd player, just a radio.
The Real Ramona (and Tanya Donnelly in general) always make me think of driving around in the Summertime and that PJ Harvey song has that dark, thick, humid summer night feel to it. The Beasties and Everlasting love just seem self-explanatory to me.

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