Friday, May 15, 2009

Weekend Music Game: Summer's almost here!

Today is Music Friday in Lancaster and my family and I will be hanging out at Building Character on the 300 Block of North Queen Street, checking out the music of Katie Becker and Trash & Glory. Hope to see you there.

And since I'm bringing back the Weekend Music Game, let's look forward to summer. All of the big summer festivals are announcing their lineups. So I thought we could do our own festivals. Put your music player on shuffle/random and play the first ten skipping. Jot 'em down for us here and let us know what your personal summer festival would be like.

So now, here's the lineup for my Porch-a-palooza 2009.

1. R.E.M. performing "It's the End of the World as We Know It" on the Aging, but still very Hip, Rockers Stage.

2. Bruce Cockburn performing "Wondering Where the Lions Are" on the Straight from Canada, eh? Stage.

3. Mark Heard performing "It's Not Your Fault" on the Gone, but Defnitely Not Forgotten Stage.

4. Chatterbox performing "Fallen" on the Industrial Porch Stage.

5. Brandston performing "Breaking Ground" on the Back When Emo Didn't Suck Stage.

6. Eric Clapton performing "Let it Rain" on the Guitar Hero Stage.

7. Fleming & John performing "Don't Let it Fade Away" on the UberCool Married Couples Stage

8. Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash performing "Careless Love" on the Dead & Alive Stage

9. The Dingees performing "The World's Last Night" on Where Did All the Cool Punkers Go? Stage

10. Starflyer 59 performing "No New Kinda Story" on the Gaze at Your Shoes Stage

And ten more performers who MIGHT make surprise appearances:

The Lassie Foundation
The Vigilantes of Love
Andy Pratt
Pigeon John
The Fire Theft
The Promise Ring
Pony Express

Alright. Now it's your turn. If your music player programmed a festival for you, who would be performing?


Wendy edsall-Kerwin said...

1) "Red Shoes" Throwing Muses
2) "Rain Street" Pogues
3) "Tomorrow, Wendy" Concrete Blonde (looks like it might be a depressing summer)
4) "Silver>Blue" Thurston Moore
5)"B-Boy Bouillabaisse" Beastie Boys (I actually saw them at Lollapalooza, so at least this is kinda summery)
6) "Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You" Led Zeppelin (How awesome would it be to see them, back in the day that is)
7) "Caroline" Concrete Blonde, again
8) "Gouge Away" Pixies
9) "Windmills" Toad the Wet Sprocket
10) "Purr" Sonic Youth

Obviously about two of those bands are still together, so it would be a giant super reunion tour!

Jeff said...

I can't say I've ever been to one of the massive multi-stage music festivals. So, mine feels a little more like a talent/variety show; just with bigger people. And yes, these are the songs that showed up, in order, on my iPod. I kid you not. Okay, here we go:
1. Over the Rhine opens the evening with "A Gospel Number", which somehow leads directly into
2. Jim Broadbent and Richard Roxburgh leading the crowd in a sing-along of "Like A Virgin".
3. Radiohead calms the crowd down a bit (and severely depresses them) with "Exit Music (For a Film)"...
4. ...before being shoved off the stage by Bob Dylan and his "Rainy Day Women #12 & 35". At the end of the song, Bob calls his son Jakob up onto the stage and...
5. ...The Wallflowers perform "One Headlight". This niftily segues right into...
6. ...Huey Lewis & the News performing "Walking on a Thin Line".
7. Time again to quiet things down. Michael Bublé shifts the mood from pop to bossa nova with "Quando, Quando, Quando", with special guest on the keys...
8. ...Linford Detweiler, who plays one of his instrumental pieces, "We Dream An Ocean In Ohio", while the stage is reset for the return of...
9. ...PfR to the touring life with a performance of "Wonder Why". They then graciously allow the opening band to retake the stage and...
10. ...Over the Rhine closes the evening with "She".

Yeah, I'd pay money to see that. :)

Shanelle said...

1. Muse would kick off with "Apocalypse Please"
2. For the Foxes could play next with "Hook Line Sink-her" because that's just good fun
3. Josh Ritter could take over with "Open Doors"
4. She and Him would definitely be next with "Sweet Darlin'"
5. Regina Spektor with "Dusseldorf"
6. Santigold "Lights Out"
Then it starts to mellow out a little more...
7. Damien Rice "Coconut Skins"
8. Mason Jennings "Something About Your Love"
9. Onelinedrawing "Believer"
10. Decemberists "Isn't it a Lovely Night" could end it.

Yeah, it's not perfect, but I would attend, get sunburned, spend way too much money on food, and go home feeling lighter than air.

Jeff McCloud said...

1. Rouler sa bosse, Bruce Cockburn on the instrumental acoustic stage

2. With or Without You, U2 on the I Love the '80s stage

3. Earth Has No Sorrow Heaven Can't Heal, Vigilantes of Love on the Americana stage

4. Foxglove, Bruce Cockburn still going strong on the instrumental acoustic stage

5. I Want to Hold Your Hand, the Beatles on the I'm Bringing My Parents to the Fest Stage

6. Another Time, Another Place, U2 (if they and Cockburn play simultaneous stages, I might implode)

7. Blood in my Eyes, Bob Dylan on the Comeback Stage

8. Van Dieman's Land, U2

9. Cedars of Lebanon, U2

10. Pretty, The Cranberries, on the Irish rock stage

Justin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Justin said...

Holy Horrible HTML Batman!

1. Rooney I'm a Terrible Person
On the Pixy-Stix Power Pop Stage

2. Film School On & On
On the Important Things With Demetri Martin Stage

3. The Beatles Yesterday
On the Legends Stage

4. Phoenix Sometimes in the Fall
On the Zinedine Zidane "French People Who Aren't Annoying" Stage

5. Jimmy Eat World The Authority Song
On the Unsustained Success Stage

6. Bat for Lashes Prescilla
On the We Might Be at the Wrong Festival Stage

7. Kings of Convenience Love Is No Big Truth
On the "People That Play Bon Iver-esque Music Better Than Bon Iver" Stage

8. Muse Nature1
On the "All of Our Songs Sound Like a Panic Attack" Stage

9. Arcade Fire Neighborhood #1
On the Main Stage

10. Death Cab For Cutie This Charming Man
On the All-State "Total Coverage" Stage.

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