Monday, March 19, 2007

Music to Your Ears

As someone who is a fan of music, and who has worked on the periphery of the music industry for years, I'm often asked: "What are you listening to these days?" I know that for me, when I find a band I like, I often want to know what that band listens to. And if I meet someone whose musical tastes are similar to mine, I like to find out about all the different bands and artists they listen to...because that's how I discover new bands.

So what am I listening to these days? Well, there are a few bands who have really been turning my ear a bit lately. I think the one at the top of the heap these days is the band Lost Ocean out of Bakersfield, CA. This is a piano-driven indie rock band that features some beautiful, lush arrangements and soaring, atmospheric vocals. Intelligent lyrics and wonderful musicianship. Another similar band to check out is Credential Records label mate, Future of Forestry.

And since we are listening to piano-based rock these days, why not check out Bernard. I can't wait to hear what this Florida-based band does next. They've already become a club and festival favorite, winning over new friends everywhere they play. And don't forget Copeland. Their latest album is fantastic.

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