Monday, March 26, 2007

On the music radar...

I used to write a regular column for an online publication, The Phantom Tollbooth, highlighting the new CD releases for each week so everyone would know what was coming out and when the could expect new music from their favorite artists. Unfortunately, my life got so busy, and the task was rather time consuming, that I gave up writing for the Tollbooth, but I figured each week I could highlight a few new releases here without spending hours trying to compile a list. (By the way, The Phantom Tollbooth is a very good site to check out for music reviews, book reviews, movie reviews, interviews, articles, and more. A great place to find out about new music.)

This week I'd like to highlight the new DVD that came out last week from MuteMath called Flesh and Bones: Electric Fun. This is one of the hotter bands out there right now, and their self titled CD is amazing. If you haven't heard them, think very early-Police, with a bit of U2 or Coldplay thrown in, as well as some jazz and other influences. The resulting mix is quite an original sound, and if you get to see them live, they put on one of the best shows anywhere. The reason I bring up MuteMath this week is that tomorrow night at 7 p.m. is the "official" world premier of the video for "Typical," and it is a rather creative video. You can check it out on the band's YouTube site.

One new CD out this week that interests me is the latest disc from the Alan Lomax collection: Southern Prison Blues Songs. These are songs that Lomax recorded live at the Mississippi and Louisiana State Penitentiaries. Great music with a history lesson to boot! What more could you ask for? In my estimation, Lomax is one of the most important figures of the 20th Century in terms of cultural contributions. His recordings and oral histories are an important addition to the American oeuvre, if I can say it that way.

Bits and pieces
Other CD's I'm enjoying right now include the new Lovedrug CD, Everything Starts Where it Ends. This is a band I had the pleasure of seeing live a few months back and I expect big things from them. If you like what you hear, go on over to Yahoo! Music's Who's Next? and vote for the band, as they are one of this week's nominees.

Also enjoying the new music that The Myriad has up on their site in anticipation of their new album. Also saw them live (with Lovedrug) at the Chameleon in Lancaster. Great club that always has some great shows on tap.

Finally, my harder musical side has been enjoying the new Haste the Day CD, Pressure the Hinges. This is the first CD with new vocalist Stephen Keech. A solid CD with some really nice guitar work. The special edition of the CD comes with a nice DVD with tons of live concert footage, music videos, and interview segments.

So what are you listening to these days? Let me know what new music I should be checking out.

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