Sunday, July 20, 2008

The MP3looza Festival

It's concert festival season, and so I thought I'd make it interesting and come up with my own festival. The way I see it, if you have an MP3 player, or iTunes on your computer, its probably loaded with a lot of the artists you would love to see at a summer music festival. So play along! Set the iPod or MP3 player on shuffle/random/DJ mode and list the first 10 or 20 artists who come up. No skipping, unless you get a repeat of an artist. Here's the initial lineup for my festival...let me know who's playing at yours>

Bill Withers - on the Septuagenarian Legends Stage

Umbrellas - on the Indie Fun Stage

The Divorce - on the Wish They Were Still Around Stage

FAIR - on the Sprinkle Stage

Brown Feather Sparrow - on the Yummy Northern European Music Stage

Lampshade - also on the Yummy Northern European Music Stage

Joe Jackson - on the Takes Me Back to College Stage

CUSH - on the Man, I Miss Them stage

The Violet Burning - on the Trippy Hipster Stage

Trent Dabbs - on the Ten out of Tenn Stage

The Sleeping World - on the Gonna Make it Big Someday stage

Smoosh - on the Hip Little Kid stage

Pedro the Lion - on the Pithy Poignant Observations Stage

The Spirit that Guides Us - once again, the Yummy Northern European Music Stage (great lineup this year!)

Jeremy Enigk - on the Introspective Seattleite Stage

Van Morrison - on the Irish Legends Stage

The Fire Theft - also on the Introspective Seattleite Stage

Anathallo - on the I Can't Describe it But I Like it Stage

The Myriad - on the Emerging Stars stage

Map - on the SoCal Tripster Stage

Thanks for coming! Your turn!

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Jeff said...

Adam Again on the Man, I Wish They Wouldn't Die Stage

Vigilantes of Love on the Rotating Band Members Stage or the Solo Stage (TBD)

Bruce Cockburn on the Aging Canadian Hippy Stage

Tonio K. on the Sorely Underappreciated Stage

Bob Bennett on the Oxymoronic Smart CCM Songwriter Stage

Mark Heard on the Man, I Wish They Wouldn't Die Stage

Van Morrison on Ken's Irish Legends Stage

Over the Rhine on the Amazing Voices Stage

The Cranberries on the Irish Stage

Lyle Lovett on the Texas Stage