Sunday, November 23, 2008

Christmas in November???

I hereby declare a moratorium on all things Christmasy before Thanksgiving. For weeks I've been subjected to Christmas music in area stores. There are two local adult contemporary radio stations that have switched to an all-Christmas music format, both claiming that they are MY Christmas station and Central PA's Christmas music station. That's right. Two of them. Blanketing Central PA with Christmas music. In November. EARLY November. No no no no no!

Last night I was driving through my neighborhood and some folks were already setting up the Christmas decorations in their yard. Lights. Illuminated candy canes. Inflatable snow globes and Santas. Hello? Isn't this why most of us get to take off from work the day AFTER Thanksgiving? So that we can start decorating for the next holiday??? 

Sorry, but this is just wrong. I love Christmas music as much as the next guy. In fact, I probably love it MORE than the next guy. I'm not a grinch. I collect cool Christmas music, particularly from rock and alternative bands. I love watching Christmas specials on TV or video. But not in November. The earliest that this madness should start is the day after Thanksgiving. December 1st would be even better.

So AFTER Thanksgiving I'll be breaking out my Christmas music collection, and even blogging about some of my favorite Christmas CDs. But not before then.

Maybe the solution is for us to create more Thanksgiving music. Songs about turkeys and stuffing. Pumpkin pie songs. Football songs. Pilgrims and Native Americans. Songs about Maize. At least we have the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special. How about "A Thanksgiving Story?"  You know, a movie about Thanksgiving where they go hunting for their turkey and the dad says "You'll shoot yer eye out!"

Please...anything to help stave off the pre-Thanksgiving Christmas onslaught.

OK. I'm done. Enjoy your turkey and stuffing and pumpkin pie. We'll have plenty of time for Christmas later...


Beth (mamafitz) said...

Is there room on your soapbox for one more?
Like I said before - "Holiday" is not a season :)

Ken said...

Next week we'll probably be seeing Valentines candy and decorations in the store.

aubri said...

i AGREE! down with Christmas (before December 1!)

Jenny O. said...

but it does help the procrastinators of the world to start thinking a little bit ahead...?

Ken said...

you can THINK ahead. Just don't ACT ahead.