Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Music for....Everyone!

One of the organizations I'm most excited about here in Central PA is a small non-profit based out of Lancaster called Music For Everyone. In a day and age when budget cutbacks are forcing many schools to scale back or even eliminate arts and cultural classes, MFE is trying to do something about it on the local level.

Music for Everyone was started by John Gerdy and others a few years back in order to raise money for the purpose of supporting music education in the area. To that end, MFE produced a CD, Music For Everyone, Volume One. This CD features the music of Lancaster county bands and musicians including Slimfit, Hiram Ring, Katie Becker, Share the Bread, Mindy C. Nolt. A few of the songs have even been played on XPN's Philly Local.

Now, just a few months after the release of that first CD, the folks at MFE are already putting out a call for entries for Volume 2. I have to confess that when John sent me a copy of Volume One, I had no idea what to expect. I honestly figured that since we were talking about local music, there might be one or two gems on the disc, along with a lot of half-hearted, poorly recorded efforts. But I was very wrong. There were quite a few songs on the disc that I liked, and even the ones that weren't quite up to my personal tastes, I had to admit, were recorded and produced rather professionally. Volume One is a strong disc with just a sampling of the musical talent Central PA has to offer, and I'm sure Volume 2 will be even better.

Musicians and bands can find information on how to submit their music on the MFE website.

So check out Music for Everyone...buy a CD...and perhaps make a donation to this very worthwhile cause. They also have an Alternative Gift Fair coming up on November 22nd at the Farm and Home Center in Lancaster, with some great gift giving ideas for the holidays. Check it out!

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