Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Blogs You Should Read: Change 101

I have a lot of friends in the blogosphere and from time to time I like to give them a shout out so that more people will check them out.

One such friend is Jess Bair, a writer for the Central Penn Business Journal. But on the side she has a blog called Change 101. Here is the concept for the blog in her own words:

I feel challenged to help initiate change. This blog is my first step, small as it may be. At least once a week I will try to post some information about a cause, what it does and how you can help. I hope the information will help you to speak up, reach out and take our world and our desire for change seriously.

In recent weeks, Jess has covered local issues such as helping the homeless in Harrisburg and urban poverty in Central PA. She has also covered more global issues like the Salvation Army's Red Kettle campaign and efforts to improve the situation in Darfur.

Check out Change 101 and it might inspire you to do something, no matter how small. You can also join her Facebook group.

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