Thursday, January 22, 2009

Weekend Music Game - Life According to MP3s

It's Friday! Once again time for the Weekend Music Game or "TMGFKATFMG" (The Music Game Formerly Known as the Friday Music Game).

Gonna shake it up a bit again this week. Rules are still the same: put your music player on random/shuffle and list the first seven songs that play...with no skipping. This time around, the first seven songs will correspond with seven milestones in your life, as follows. 

Song 1: song title relates to the day you were born. 
Song 2: describes your childhood
Song 3: describes your high school years
Song 4: describes your college years
Song 5: describes your career
Song 6: describes your marriage
Song 7: applies to your death, perhaps the song to play at your funeral. 

So the key here is the song title and how it applies to those events. A lot of them won't really fit, but you'll be surprised. Some of them could end up being rather funny. And cheating. I don't want you skipping ahead just to find something appropriate. Got it? 

Here's my entry for the Weekend Music Game:

1. Birth - "Two of a Million" by Chris Taylor  - hmmm. but I wasn't twins...

2. Childhood - "Downside" by Klank

3. High School - "Endurance" by EDL - possibly appropriate...

4. College - "Redemption" by Johnny Cash

5. Career - "U Can't Touch This" by M. C. Hammer - hehe. nice

6. Marriage - "With or Without You" by U2 - I swear this is what came up. Wow.

7. Death - "Molotov" by Dead Poetic - yeesh.....

Well there you have it. Some interesting ones there (and some of my louder stuff came up this time around).

Now it's your turn to tell us your life told by your MP3 player...go for it.


Jeff said...

1. Birth: "Penny Lane" by the Beatles. Hmm: "There beneath the blue suburban skies..." I guess that works.
2. Childhood: "Questions 67 and 68" by Chicago (back when they were the Chicago Transit Authority). Well, grew up listening to cool music like this, so sure.
3. High School: "18" by Moby. Yes, seriously, that's what came up.
4. College: "Fight Test" by The Flaming Lips. The years of reevaluating who I was. This is getting eerie.
5. Career: "Isn't She Lovely" by Stevie Wonder. Couldn't this have come up for #6?
6. Marriage: "Fade to Grey (original demo)" by Jars of Clay. Yep. iPod definitely got 5 and 6 backwards, here.
7. Death: "Stand By Me" by Ben E. King. Wow.

Except for juxtaposing 5 & 6, this was all ultimately very creepy... ;)

Ken said...

Nice one, Jeff. And you bring back memories with that Chicago Transit Authority album. That's one I need to get on CD. At least you didn't come up with "Freeform Guitar!"

The Best Jeremy said...

Sunny Day Real Estate - "Red Elephant"
I guess this is appropriate, as it was impossible to understand any of Jeremy Enigk's lyrics at this point, as I am sure my parents had the same problem interpreting their first child's communication attempts.

Movies With Heroes - "Getting Warmer (demo)"
Can't see how the lyrics relate to my childhood, but I guess you could say that childhood is like the demo version of an incomplete song (wow, I'm so deep).

Antony & The Johnsons - "Bird Gerhl"
hmmmmmm, i dunno. maybe?

Osker - "The Mistakes You Make"
Hahaha I can think of one BIG mistake I made while in college. 'Nuff Said.

David Byrne & Brian Eno - "My Big Nurse"
Haven't given this album a good enough listen to start trying to interpret songs yet, so I will leave this one alone.

Movies With Heroes - "Believe"
"Just take a moment to look what's in front of you... What is it you're waiting for? You'll finally see it. Who is it you're waiting for? The choice to move is yours" That sums up our relationship pre-marriage (on my end, as Jamie will probably back up), so I suppose it is fitting.

Tapes 'n Tapes - "Jacov's Suite"
hmmm... whatever.

jerseymike said...

Song 1: Birth- Winding Road- Bonnie Summmerville (Sort of appropriate from the Garden State Soundtrack)
Song 2: Childhood- The New Railroad- The Notorious (Eh)
Song 3: High School- Sanford and Son (theme song) (Yeah, that sorta fits)
Song 4: College- Sock It To Me Santa- Bob Sege and The Last Heard (I didn't go to college, so...yeah)
Song 5: Career- Finale- West Side Story (Finale? Encore? Shows? Sure. Fits)
Song 6: Marriage- The Ocean Zeppelin (More like the Black Sea- but sure, I'll take it)
Song 7: Funeral- Inner Peace- Nellie McKay (If I ever do find it- that'll be the death of me)

jamiebentley said...

1. Birth : Get In Or Get Out by Hot Hot Heat. Think my Mom was mostly saying the "Get Out" part.

2. Childhood: Specialist by Interpol. No, I didn't need to see any specialists.

3. High School: Blister by Jimmy Eat World. I had a countless blisters from batting practice during softball season!

4. College: In My Place by Coldplay. Yeah, that works.

5. Career: SexyBack by JT. HA! Makes it sound like I was a stripper, or something.

6. Marriage: Paranoid Android by Radiohead. Yeah, not really.

7. Death: A Whisper by Colplay. Yeah. Really.

Ken said... just cracks me up that you have the Sanford and Son theme song in your collection. hehe.

Brian said...

Birth: "Bad Dog" by Too Much Joy ... well, my older brothers did always treat me more like a pet so maybe this was the foreshadowing

Childhood: "Gardening at Night" by R.E.M. ... I did like to stay up really late

High School: "Dracula Screams of Tiger Style" by Tullycraft ... no clue how to connect this. I don't like Dracula or tigers and didn't back in high school. I also had no style.

College: "Stumble" by R.E.M. Well, I did drink a lot causing me to stumble, cut through various yards to get to parties and discover R.E.M. in college so this one fits pretty well

Career: "Making Fun of Bums" by Too Much Joy ... I guess this encapsulates by time as a member of the liberal media elite

Marriage: "Just a Touch" by R.E.M. ... since this was inspired by Elvis' death, I have no clue how to tie this to my marriage

Death: "Meet Me By the River's Edge" by Gaslight Anthem ... boy did this game miss all around. Still fun

Brian Polensky said...

Interesting. Well here goes... iPhone on shuffle and....

1. Birth: Shalom/Salaam - Matisyahu.... Coming from an Irish Catholic (mom) and Russian Jewish (dad) I am sure a big "Shalom!" was yelled at my birth. Probably confused them that I was named after the first King of Ireland. Slainte!

2. Childhood: We Could Change the World (This Christmas) - Geoff Smith ( Don't we always think we can change the world as we grow up?

3. High School: Drive Through Diary - My Little Radio... Sadly this band is broken up I think. Coincidently, I didn't drive at all in High School (got license at 22) so no Drive through's for me.

4. College Years: Capsella - i:scintilla... This is a mix of i:scintilla's song "Capsella Bursa-Patoris". This is a white-flowered annual European herb bearing triangular notched pods. No idea how this could relate to College years but this is one awesome indie band.

5. Career: Dirt Off Your Shoulder/Lying From You - Linkin Park & Jay-Z.... I swear I've never lied on a resume. Actually I do try not to let too much get to me. I'm a real don't sweat the small stuff laid back type of guy.

6. Marriage: Graze - Live

7. Death: I Get It - Chevelle... If you really, really get to know me you will find out that death is my biggest fear. I can remember trying not to fall asleep in my bed as a child because I would worry about what would happen if I didn't wake up. Not sure that it is the not being alive part that is scary but more the fear of the unknown in combination of really finding out how close your faith views are accurate. And that is way too heavy for the 8:00 am hour when I went to bed at 2:30 AM!

Great post yet again Ken!

Beth/mamafitz said...

Good spin, Ken - and NO I didn't cheat on any of these...

1. Birth: "Where The Streets Have No Name", U2 - "..I want to tear down the walls that hold me inside...want to feel sunlight on my face..."
2. Childhood: "You Can't Win", James Hunter - HA! The youngest kid, the chubby one - nope, I couldn't win - but that's another story :)
3. High School: "Sunnyside of the Street", The Pogues - um.... yeah.
4. College: "Slide", the Goo Goo Dolls - "Run away run away...."
5. Career: "Molena", James Hunter - connection? Not so much...nice song though.
6. Marriage: "Children", Delta Spirit - hahahahahahaha YUP, that pretty much fits.
7. Death: "Valley of Tears", Robert Plant and the Soweta Gospel (from the Tribute to Fats Domino) Really. Beautiful version of the song, too...

Fun stuff.

Justin said...

Song 1: Birth Tom Petty: Refugee I'm not sure my mother would appreciate the connection.
Song 2: Childhood Led Zepplin: D'yer Mak'er I loved this song as a kid—still do—so this is actually pretty appropriate.
Song 3: High School Of Montreal: We Were Born The Mutants Again With Leafling Well, this song is completely baffling and high school was pretty weird.
Song 4: College Bright Eyes: Arc of Time College is pretty much the first time I started to really feel myself getting older.
Song 5: Career State Radio: Unfortunates Ha
Song 6: Marriage The Beatles: All You Need Is Love I swear to God this actually happened. I think my fiancé hacked my iPod.
Song 7: Death Wilco: Sky Blue Sky If this is what it sounds like when I moved on, I'd be okay with that. Such a peaceful song.

Amanda said...

I missed the last couple weeks, so glad to be back!

1. Birth: "Take a Picture" - Filter I'm sure there were pictures taken when I was born, but I don't think I've ever seen one except the one the hospital takes. Do they still put babies' pictures in the newspaper?

2. Childhood: "Crazy" - Gnarls Barkley That's just funny. I wouldn't call my childhood crazy, exactly, but it was a lot of fun.

3. High school: "My Heart Would Know" - Hank Williams I think high school especially is a time when you trust your heart (however naive it may be) above anyone else's advice, especially that of your parents!

4. College: "Rebel Prince" - Rufus Wainwright I did not attend college, but I can imagine this would have been me (princess?).

5. Career: "How I Feel" - Kelly Clarkson I work for a very small group (within a larger company) and our feelings are important to our boss(es). That's something you don't find when you work for a big organization.

6. Marriage: "The Prayer" (Bloc Party cover) - KT Tunstall Very appropriate. My husband and I are united by our spirituality and it's what keeps our marriage strong.

7. Death: "I Thought I Saw Your Face Today" - She & Him There are a lot of faces I am looking forward to seeing again; it remains to be seen if my own death will come before that.

Thanks Ken for another good idea.

P.S. Song #9 (playing now) was the Sanford & Son theme!!! Got it in my library too Jersey! Check my profile if you don't believe me...

Jess said...

1. Birth: Billy Joel – Light as the Breeze
2. Childhood: John Mayer – I Don’t Trust Myself (Hah!)
3. High School: Counting Crows – Hangin’ Around (So true.)
4. College: Something Corporate – Caldecott Tunnel (This was one of my favorite bands in college. Very appropriate.)
5. Career: Taproot – Birthday (Uh?)
6. Marriage: Hanson – Deeper (Hah, again! Since most people don’t know the recent Hanson stuff, this song is about falling so in love with someone who doesn’t seem to feel the same at all – so you’re alone. I think this is also, sadly, appropriate.)
7. Death: Better Than Ezra – Juicy (Hmmmmm.)

Mandy Fleisher said...

1. Birth: "Between the Wars" by Billy Bragg. I was born during relative peace time - right after the Iran prisoners were released, so that works.

2. Childhood: "On the Road Again" by Willie Nelson. I moved a couple of times growing up, and we took a lot of day trips in the car...

3. High School: "Bowl of Oranges" by Bright Eyes. No idea how this relates...

4. College: "I feel fine" by The Beatles. College was a fun time to be in love.

5. Career: "Fake Empire" by the National. When I think about my first boss - a total micromanager - the tie-in with this one makes me chuckle.

6. Marriage: "Round Midnight" by Thelonious Monk

7. Death: "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (live)" by Bob Dylan

Jeff said...

1. Birth: Madness Dancing, Bob Bennett -- "In the middle of this madness I am dancing ..." Guess that's what my parents were doing.

2. Childhood: Fire, U2 -- Lyrically, this would apply to my post-childhood years in junior high and high school. From the title alone, my cousins, brother and I nearly started a brush fire playing with matches once.

3. High school: Wait No More, Bruce Cockburn -- The line "What does it take for what's locked up inside to be free?" pretty much describes me and my shy personality in high school.

4. College: Ultraviolet (Light my Way), U2 -- Good shuffle since this was released when I was in college. "You know I need you to be strong/ And the day it is dark, as the night is long./ Feel like trash, you make me feel clean./ I'm in the black, can't see or be seen." Yes, that was me in college to a large degree.

5. Career: Talking Pictures, Sam Phillips -- Former newspaper reporter here, and lyrics are appropriate given the nature of the newspaper industry: "Nostalgia isn't what ut used to be/ I can only picture the disappearing world when you touch me."

6. Marriage: If God Will Send His Angels, U2 -- "Will everything be all right?" If I'm honest about my marriage, especially the first yeare, I've asked that. But there's hope: "Nobody else here baby/ No-one else here to blame/ No-one to point the finger/ It's just you and me and the rain." That's right -- it's just the two of us, Team McCloud, and we'll just put up our umbrella and get to work.

7. Death: Fallen Embers, Enya -- Very lucky shuffle on this: "Once, as my heart remember/ All the stars were fallen embers./ Once, when night seemed forever/ I was with you." said...

1. Birth - "Smells Like Teen Spirit," Scala - The fact that this is a boys' choir rendition of the song makes it somewhat more appropriate. I think my parents would probably tell you that I smelled at least a bit like teen spirit as a youngster.

2. Childhood - "Salomé [Zooromancer Mix]," U2. Hmm. I don't recall shakin' it and then requesting a prophet's head on a platter. Shakin' it, yes; requesting head, no.

3. High school - "Window," Fiona Apple. The line "I was never focused on just one thing" seems apt.

4. College - "Around the World," The Death Set. I think I was more death set than world-traveler.

5. Career - "Rat-Tat-Tat-Tat (feat. Snoop Doggy Dogg, RBX)," Dr. Dre. Just look at the lyrics. They couldn't be a more perfect fit. "

6. Marriage - "Something In The Way Of Things," The Roots

7. Death - "I Won't Back Down," Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers. Yes, my stubbornness will probably get me killed one day.

Wendy Edsall-Kerwin said...

1. Birth - Getaway Car by Audioslave (Perhaps very apropos)
2. Childhood - Leiley by Dania (This is in Arabic so maybe it works, who knows?)
3. High School - Pressure Drop by The Specials (Sounds about right)
4. College - 10,000 Years by Live (It did seem to go on forever)
5. Career - Windmills by Toad the Wet Sprocket (This seems to fit too, it about Don Quixote's windmills)
6. Marriage - Isla Mujeres by Javier Ruibal (OK, I don't even want to touch this...)
7. Death - Call Me a Dog by Temple of the Dog (???)

Larry said...

Song 1: Johnny Cash - I Just Thought You'd Like to Know. Hmmm I am a first born

Song 2: describes your childhood: Dixie Chicks - Tortured, Tangled Hearts. Perfect. Hated childhood

Song 3: describes your high school years: Wanna Rock and Roll - Cross Canadian Ragweed. Perfect. Was a rocker

Song 4: describes your college years: What it Feels Like - The BoDeans. Yes, search for true love.

Song 5: describes your career: Freedom - Cross Canadian Ragweed Good, I have been free to choose what works well for me.

Song 6: describes your marriage: I can't Help it (If I'm Still in Love With You) - Johnny Cash
Awwww, Kendra I love you.

Song 7: applies to your death, perhaps the song to play at your funeral: Christ for President - Billy Bragg Sure, why not??

Bryan Rutt said...

1. Birth: "Outside" by Channel 3. "Outside is where I gotta go..." Starting off with a fairly self-explanatory connection, eh?

2. Childhood: "White Man in Hammersmith Palais" by the Clash. "Just lookin' for fun/I'm only looking for fun..." At first, I thought it would be impossible to draw even the slightest thread of connection here, but the final words of the song...taken completely out of context, of course...harken to my father's constant complaint about both my brother and me: "Everything is a toy to them!" (Yeah, I know, that's a reach...)

3. High School: "Look Back and Laugh" by Minor Threat. "Someday we'll look back and laugh..." I swear that's what came up, and talk about dead-on!

4. College: "Four-Color Love Story" by the Metasciences. "And I may go out every night and risk my life for strangers/But you're the only girl I'll ever love..." Oh, the lines I used to use to try to pick up girls at parties back in my college days!

5. Career: "Addy Will Know" by SNMNMNM. "I couldn’t think of that book that I read/The one where the characters all wind up dead..." Given my company being forced to lay off 90% of our workforce last fall (myself included), I'd say the characters wound up "dead".

6. Marriage: "Viva la Revolution" by the Adicts. "Dance in the streets at the carnival/Celebrate the victory now/Drink the wine from the rich man's cask." Still a bachelor, but if this song is a glimpse into the future, it's gonna be one hell of a wedding!

7. Death: "One Two Three Four" by Feist. "Oh, oh, oh/You're changing your heart..." Changing your heart from beating to not beating, I guess.

shane said...

1. Birth : Sad Clown (Jars of Clay)
2. Childhood : That's My Love (Monk)
3. High School : Little God (Patty Griffin)
4. College : White Dove (Andrew Osenga)
5. Career : A Thousand Years (Sting)
6. Marriage : Here I Go Again (Steven Delopoulos)
7. Death : If Tomorrow Was Forever (The Normals)

not bad. i'll let you make your own jokes...

Jenny O. said...

This is gonna be fun. I like this weeks music game! Very nice, Ken.
1. Birth - "Blake's Got A New Face" by Vampire Weekend
2. Childhood - "Gravity" by John Mayer
3. High School - "I Should Get Up" by Teddy Thompson So appropriate!
4. College - "Everybodys Changing" by Keane haha 'nough said
5. Career - "Nobody's Off The Hook" by Rufus Wainwright Very funny!
6. Marriage - Once by Glen Hansard Thats kinda sad.
7. Death - "Me And Julio" by Paul Simon HAHAHA!

Hope Clary said...

1. Birth: Parachutes - Pearl Jam
2. Childhood: Good For You- Third Eye Blind
3. High School: Chasing Cars- Snow Patrol
4. College: Man or Animal- Audioslave LOL.. this is unreal :)
5. Career: Where the City Meets the Sea - The Getaway Plan... Oh I hope this one is true in the Big life Plan!!
6. Marriage: The One That Got Away- Pink hahaha
7. Death: Always in my Head - India Arie

All I can say is WOW! My Words to these songs tell all....

Erin said...

1. Birth: "Electric Feel" MGMT

2. Childhood: "Howl" Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

3. High School: "One In A Million" Maxine Brown -- Uh, well, I did start getting into Northern Soul in high school, so sure.

4. College: "Life's An Ocean" Verve -- I was definitely adrift at this time.

5. Career: "Pyjamarama" Roxy Music -- Well, I do work in my pajamas sometimes.

6. Marriage: "Sleeping On Roads" Neil Halstead

7. Death: "Say Hello, Wave Goodbye" David Gray -- I always worried this song was a little too apropos for my own good. Now I'm just depressed.

Ken said...

Haha. Erin, I love that your marriage is "sleeping on roads"...nice.

Becky said...

1. Birth - Respect, Aretha Franklin. Yup, that's me...demanding respect right out of the shoot.
2. Childhood - Right to Be Wrong, Joss Stone. Funny 'cause I always had to be right!
3. High School - River of Love, George Strait. Ummm, NO!
4. College - Rock Your Body, Justin Timberlake. Ummmm, yeah!
5. Career - Rosalita, Bruce Springsteen. Not sure about this one!
6. Marriage - Scenes From an Italian Restaurant, Billy Joel. This is weird. EXACTLy...and not exactly.
7. Death - Shake Your Groove Thing, Peaches & Herb. Hahahahaha...anyone who really knows me knows this fits!!