Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Music You Should Know: Slimfit

Let me just lay my cards out on the table: I’m not a country fan. In fact, I pretty much try to avoid just about any kind of music that even slightly bears any sort of resemblance to either country or bluegrass. Outside of a few alt-country artists, and perhaps some Alison Krauss, I just don’t do it. Yeah, call me a music snob, because I’m sure I’m throwing a lot of babies out with the bathwater. But there it is.

Now having said that, one of my favorite bands here in Central PA is the feisty roots-country/rock band Slimfit out of Lancaster. I love them. I adore them. They put on a great show. And, oh yeah, they make some pretty darn good music, too. But most importantly, the guys in Slimfit put on one heckuva show. Kinda like bluegrass on steroids. A pickin’ and a grinnin’ demolition derby. And the beauty of it is: they’re having fun! These guys know how to enjoy themselves on stage, to the point where it’s a surprise they don’t spend more time in the hospital.

Slimfit is one of the many Central PA bands that has been featured as part of WXPN’s local music initiative. Earlier this month they were one of three area bands featured in the XPN Local Showcase at the Chameleon in Lancaster (along with The Sleeping World and Farewell Flight). And tonight on Philly Local, Slimfit’s set from that Chameleon show will be played in its entirety. So tune in at 9 p.m. (ET) and I think you’ll like what you hear…though remember…without seeing these guys on stage you’re really only getting half of the performance.

Oh, and tonight’s show will also feature an in-studio interview and performance from Philly musician Amos Lee.

Since the World Series is still in a very lengthy rain delay, you probably have nothing better to do, so check out Slimfit on Philly Local on XPN.

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