Friday, April 27, 2007

The Dutch, The Rebels, and some Danish...

Here are two bands that recently found me on MySpace and requested me as a friend, presumably based on my musical interests. Both of them are European and have connections to bands that are among my favorites.

First up is Munich, a Danish band featuring a laid back and dreamy indie-pop sound. The latest records is produced by Johannes of Lampshade.

And second is Dutch band, Canadian Sunset, for fans of This Beautiful Mess and The Spirit That Guides Us.

Also, just a reminder that Black Rebel Motorcycle Club has a new album, Baby 81, coming out on May 1st, and it is one of their best CDs in years. The band's last disc, Howl, was a bit of a stylistic departure that led to mixed reviews from critics and fans alike, but this time around the boys are headed back closer to the sound of their earliest work, and the results are pleasing. Head on over to MySpace where the new disc is streaming in its entirety. This is a CD that will get a lot of play on my MP3 player.

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