Friday, April 20, 2007

Eat, Sleep, Repeat...and more

Thursday night I had the chance to take my oldest son to see one of our favorite bands, Copeland, at the Chameleon in Lancaster. A very good show as the band from Florida tunes up to head oversees for a tour. A nice tight set featuring mostly music from their latest album, Eat Sleep Repeat, along with some selections from older albums. They sounded really good throughout and played some favorites like "When Paula Sparks," "You Have My Attention," and their current single, "Control Freak."

Got a chance to meet with a few of the members afterwards and they were extremely nice and pleasant. I love to see that, especially when it is a band on a major label (Columbia Records).

Special thanks to my friend Lori at Biscuit PR for getting us in, as well as band manager Kyle Griner.

Also...a few days ago I blogged about a song from Hundred Year Storm called "Pilot's Last Broadcast." Well, Brandon from the band contacted me and informed me that the samples used on the song are indeed actual recordings from real pilots, taken from blackbox recordings of planes that crashed. He also says that at the end, before the explosions, there are samples of kamikaze pilots from Pear Harbor. In the words of Brandon, "the song is about death. And how we're not promised tomorrow."

Makes the song that much more meaningful. Thanks, Brandon.

And, I recently blogged about the Free Eric Volz campaign, so I wanted to let you know that NBC's Dateline will be doing a story about Eric and his situation this Sunday night. Check your local listings for time.

As for new music, there are some new tunes online from The Mint and Project 86 at their MySpace pages. Check them out.

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