Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Music in the meantime

I've been rather busy these past few days, up to my ears in paint, so I haven't had the time to really put together a blog of any substance. So I thought I would just list a few bands I'm enjoying right now...

First up is The Hourly Radio from Dallas, TX. Interesting indie rock sound featuring the rather high vocals of Aaron Closson, somewhat reminiscent of Lovedrug's Michael Shepard. Check out The Houly Radio's video "Deaf Ears," which is a rather interesting homage to one of my all-time favorite films, Harold and Maude.

Another band to check out is LA's The Bird and the Bee, showcasing the talents of Greg Kurstin and Inara George. The duo create a lush yet vibrant pop sound that reminds me of those late 60s/early 70s films featuring Americans travelling throughout Europe. (I can't even name one of these films, but I remember them from my childhood, particularly the musical scores...). Fans of Dean & Britta, Belle & Sebastian, and Charlotte Gainsbourgh should take note.

And finally, give a listen to Umbrellas. The band is basically an outlet or Oklahoma native Scott Windsor. Beautiful vocals and sweeping musical soundscapes. Enough said.

So check out these bands and enjoy. You can thank me later. Hopefully I'll have a time for a meatier blog post in the next few days.

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